3G Data

Spice Mobile 3G data services offer the fastest rates on the island with speeds up to 3 mbps.В  Users can purchase a CDMA dongle together with a Data Package at any one of our outlets.

3G Voice

CDMA Mobile voice with superior voice quality compared to GSM and the lowest rates in Grenada for both in network and international calls.

CDMA roaming

Visitors to the island with CDMA phones can roam with Spice Mobile.В  Customer will have access to voice, SMS, MMS and 3G data.

Contact yourВ  home carrier if you intend to visit Grenada.

Worldwide CDMA Carriers:

Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Bell Mobility, Telus, Cricket,В  MetroPCS,В  PagePlus, Open Mobile, Smart Belize, IUSA Cell Mexico, nTelos, Public Mobile, Appalachian Mobile, KDDI, TATA, Bermuda Digital.

DID Service

Get you own Grenada Number for free and receive calls from Grenada at no charge to you.

We give you your own Grenada number. В When someone calls that number we will forward the call to your US, Canada or UK number for free.

Sign up below and pick your free Grenada number.

Now your friends and family in Grenada can reach you any time without making an international call. В 

The service is free to you. В  Your friends and family in Grenada pay mobile phone rates when calling your Grenada number.

If you own a business, this is great tool to give your business or yourself a Grenada presence.


Send picture messages to any mobile phone in the world or to any email address.В  Snap pictures on the go and send to your friends and family around the world.


Spice Mobile SMS allows users to send SMS to any mobile phone in world for the lowest rates in Grenada

SMS to e-mail

Send an SMS to any Email address.В В В  Enter the email address in the To filed and send.